Two urgent things Deezer needs

  • 19 October 2018
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There is 2 urgents things Deezer needs about the flow. In order of importance:
A) Flow needs a reset option. My flow usually plays song i really hate. I dont know why but I usually stop hearing the flow, i cannot discover new things because the dlow usually plays reggaeton songs. A button to reset it is a must! Finally i go back to my playlist of fav songs instead of flow.
😎 Every one that goes to a party and uses Deezer has feelt this. You start to play songs on your movile and a friend grabs your phone and start to play songs that at the end will destroy your flow. Why dont enable a “party” button that will make all the played songs will have no effect on your flow?

I hope this suggestions help you.

4 replies

That s a feature I d like too: some kind of Party mode or Guest Mode allowing to put any creepy song you d like in a party but that you don't want to screw up your flow and your listening profile..
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It seems that this will fall into oblivion :,(
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Hey there, we have already passed the flow suggestion on to the right team. 🙂 About the party mode, this will not happen as it goes against Deezer's terms and condition where it says that Deezer is for personal use only. 😉
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Thanks for your response Rafael!