Top Tracks List & Playlist on Deezer Desktop App

  • 8 May 2020
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I'm using Deezer on my Windows 10 Mobile phone (still rocks) and there is a list called "Top Tracks”. It's quite useful actually. But there is no such list on Windows 10 PC app (I am not sure, but I don't think there is such a list on my iPad either). It would be great if I could use the list on my PC and to mix it as a playlist.

7 replies

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Hi there @Sotir 

Thanks a lot for your feedback - could you please take a quick screenshot so that I know exactly which Top Tracks you're referring to?


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Hi there again @Sotir 

Thanks for coming back. Are these your own most played tracks? If yes, it's a great suggestion and we can speak to our devs about it :wink:

Yes, these are my most played tracks. It would be great to have my Top Track list on my other devices, not only on my Windows 10 Mobile phone! :)

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Hello @Sotir, we understand, that’s a very reasonable request. We’ll pass it forward to our teams, thanks.

Have a nice weekend!

@Rudi, any progress on this feature? Is there an open Idea I can upvote? Thanks

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Not at the moment @Strider we currently have a Top Month playlist generated every month to highlight the previous month.

I haven't found an idea like this in the forums, but worth checking out there before creating a new one: