The way forward for Deezer? Make the apps more lightweight and nimble

  • 27 October 2021
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Over the past few year, more and more features have been added to the Deezer iOS app. And while that’s great, the app has now become so sluggish and slow, it leads to instability, mainly on CarPlay. It has also become a super buggy app. Having to fiddle with Deezer in the car because the music does not resume after Siri has spoken is just plain dangerous.

Sure, I know there are certain restrictions put in place by Apple, both on iOS and CarPlay specifically. But how come Spotify can actually deliver an experience that is 1.) Super quick and responsive, 2.) Super stable and 3.) More reliable with Siri?

It is especially painful and a bit ironic that the quality of the app experience seems to be inversely proportional to the price of the subscription.

Bottom line: the Deezer app should be completely rewritten from scratch. It should be almost flawless at the core experience and functionality. Plugging holes in the same bucket can only get you so far… at one point you have to bite the bullet and buy a new bucket. If not, I fear many more people will eventually jump the Deezer ship.

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