The kid account is too restrictive

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Ive just setup a family account for the first time my daughter is 10 my son 7. I feel they are old enough to listen to current pop music bit injust dont want them to be exposed to expicit lyrics. If I turn on the kids account they only get access to disney and select complations is there a way to accrss Radio edits of current singles. Also there dosent seem to be a method to stop them accessing the master account?, a pin to switch back or somthing would be great

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Hi @scotiab , thank you very much for your feedback, I will pass on to our devs. There is no way to stop any other family member accessing the master profile as everyone is opening the account with the same login details. We have already passed this feedback to our devs and, as we are in constantly improvement, I hope they manage to implement it soon 😉

1 year later... the same, really?!

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Hi there 

Sorry you're unhappy. May I ask you what are you referring to? Family login to master profile?

I agree, the kids profile is terrible. My kids LOVE the Greatest Showman soundtrack which is in no way explicit or inappropriate but it's not available along with most other songs?! Yet I wouldn't dare to let them listen to the adult unrestricted Deezer as there are way too many explicit versions which there is no way to block. Even one of the "Radio Edit" songs has constant F words throughout. I for one am not interested in hearing this cant be that difficult to have songs labelled as explicit and have a filter on an adult account. Come on Deezer....sort this out and fast otherwise I'm off with my extortionate £15 per month for something which I've realised now is pretty useless..

Just found out about this kids profile having spent a long time building my own playlists. So my kids can only watch real kiddie content not just excluding explicit content?Is this true they cannot search a lot of standard pop music?

Agree with the post prior. If this is the case I will be cancelling my pointless £15 per month contract quite quickly….hope it’s not

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Hi there @Wahwahr 

Thanks for reaching out.

What's your kiddo's age? Feel free to create another profile (regular) and set the explicit filter on in the app's settings :wink:

Youngest is 8. Ah ok, let me try it. Thanks

Today I tried to search a soundtrack from the Blaze and the Monster Machines  . Works fine for my wife’s account, but not my son’s Kid account.
What wrong with a soundtrack for children TV series? (even if I personally think it’s not really brilliant :-D but my children like it.)

The workaround with using full Adults profile is not really suitable, because in Russian I found some tracks which are not marked as Explicit - but they are. I have reported every case which I found, but I guess there may be more.

Also, when we used my wife’s account, my 3 years old son liked to press the “heard” button. Believe me, my wife is not a fan of Monster Machines! But now she has to listen it.

So, please, add a proper way to request some tracks to be added to the kids-suitable content.


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Thank you @KaaTula 

I've got kids myself and I understand it can be limited at times. Your opinion is also shared by others in our community.

I'll be forwarding your comments to our team of editors and some developers to see what they have to say. Once more thank you for your input :v_tone2: