The app keeps freezing and stops mid track?

This happens quite often both on wifi (100 mega) and 4g.
Any ideas?
Did not happen on spotify and this is a real deal breaker.

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Hello Sharon. I wish you provided device details so I know what i'm dealing with but here's what you should do if you're on iOS or Android uninstalling, clearing cache from your Phone's app settings and restarting the device then reinstalling Deezer can fix common issues on the device end more than the Deezer App not functioning as it should.

If you have battery saver on please go to Settings - Phone Boost: Auto Battery Saver OFF. Make sure Deezer is not being forced to sleep when it's in the background and Power saving mode is set to Off. Double check your running Apps make sure no 3rd party is interfering with Deezer's functionality and shutting down the app, this is mostly the work of Battery saving apps.

Good luck!
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Hi @Sharon Oberlender

I know it sounds like a daft question but have you tried uninstalling the app, restarting your device and then re-installing the app? This often fixes many problems (with many apps not just Deezer).

Let us all know how you get on 🙂
Yes, tried to uninstall and restart :)
(force stop- clear cash- uninstall)
I have OP2 and the wifi connection is pretty solid (60 mega).
No battery saver or any other anti virus/performance apps.

This happens more on my 4g while driving, which is really annoying but quite frequent on wifi as well.

The song just stops and I have to try and move forward few times until another song starts.

Is there any support team that I can extract logs and sent to?
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you can try

and log a request 🙂

I hope you get sorted 🙂

This happens quite often both on wifi (100 mega) and 4g.
Any ideas?
Did not happen on spotify and this is a real deal breaker.

Yeah, becoming quite a nuisance now after the latest update, its doing this constantly when  screen lock comes on cuts off mid way through and reconnects then just cuts off altogether! Iv complained. Any times recently to apoint whare away to cancel subscription if don't get fixed soon! I'm back to using Mozilla on desktop mode to keep YouTube on background play

Only starts playing again when unlocked and permissions are on!

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Hi @Scottish.Bonsai.Dougie sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. Please bear in mind that this is a very old thread from 2018. 

I just checked your account and and everything looks fine on our system. However, you only had Deezer Premium until 25 March 2020, then your Deezer account switched to the Deezer Free version. 

For better understanding, can you please answer the following questions?

  • Are you playing music on Deezer and YouTube at the same time?
  • What exactly are you listening to on Deezer?
  • What is the brand and model of the device you are having problems with?
  • Which Operating System Version (Android, iOS, Windows) do you have installed?
  • Which Deezer version do you have installed?

As soon as I have your reply, I can help you solve the issue :slight_smile:


Hello, the issue mentioned by scottishbansai happens to me all the time as well. This has been happening for about a week or so, when I'm using earphones. It doesn't happen when I connect my phone to a Bluetooth speaker.

Any advice? Thanks in advanced.

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Hi there @yulyyy 

Thanks for reporting it. What app version have you got? Have you tried reinstalling it?

Same thing is just happening for me now.


This app is so good, but bugs are frustrating.

I had “an error occured” for several months on either Windows app and Chrome browser.

Haven’t seen it for a while though.

Now I get freezes on certain tracks. Like 10-15 minutes ago I had freezes on my #16 favourite track. Web browser or app - didn’t matter.

App is 4.18.60 version, latest Chrome.

And again, now with Flow.

App or Chrome - all the same.

Not sure what I’m paying here for.

P.S.: desktop PC, stable internet connection. Speed is ~100mbps, and buffering isn’t clearly the issue. No WiFi.

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Hello @Bzz, can you try changing the audio quality in audio settings? Let me know how it goes.

Whenever I play a song it becomes jammed of sorts. It started happening a while back (maybe a week) and I can´t seem to find a solution online.

When I get to the desktop app or the browser app, the first song played becomes jammed. It is the only thing that while play in either app until I log off. Once I log back in the problem reapears.

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Hi @Fabio.Román.Román 


trying clearing any caches in the desktop and browser, then logging out, restarting your system and then logging back in.


Also please try another browser and let us know how you get on :) 

Cleared Cache and now it works, thanks lots :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Sorry @Rob Igo  I meant to say it now gets jammed upon reaching 0:15.

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HI @Fabio.Román.Román 


so can you answer the following please? :)


  1. is it just 1 song that is jamming - all other songs play or all songs jam at 0.15?
  2. is this in both desktop app and browser
  3. have you tried on mobile
  4. have you tried another browser

Let us know so we can try to help!

Hello @Rob Igo.

Ive donde some testing and realized that it jams at the frist song the passes 0.15s

Yes, it happens on both browser and desktop.

I normally use chrome, but have also tried it in chrome and the problem persists.

I have not yet tried on mobile, i´ll download the app an update as soon I can.


Hello, @Kevin Deezer, had this problem on my laptop via web browser, switching from lossless to lower quality didn’t help. Wasn’t buffering problem either.


The same issue here on Windows 7-64, Firefox.

A song plays normal then it stops, doesn’t go the next one. But if I try to do it manually it shows the next one but still plays this first song. It happens with any track not just some specific one. If I reload the page I again can play just 1 song and then it gets stuck. I downloaded the app, but the problem remains.

Tried clearing cache and signing off. Nothing helps

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Hi @Bzz, thanks for getting back to me. I’m in the process of gathering all comments related to this issue so I can signal it to our teams. Really sorry about this inconvenience.

Same problem here using the desktop app for windows 10 over a wired connertion.. songs are just freezing randomly.
I can play songs flawlessly on tidal and spotify but when i tried hifi streaming with deezer that´s whenb problem arise.

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Hi there @Pablo Torretta 

Thanks for reaching out. In what version of our desktop app is this happening for you? Could you try changing the audio quality to HQ to test it out? If it stops, it's a problem we've been working on fixing :thumbsup_tone2:

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@Rudi , Same issue here continues on macOS Version 4.25.0 (, which according to the app is the latest.