Streaming to other devices from mobile app

  • 10 September 2020
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I’ve recently had trials with a couple of your competitors and they have a feature where I can stream music from the app to any device on my WiFi network without having to search for them. Is that something that Deezer is looking at introducing? 



4 replies

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Hi @dcookson 


I know the “connect” bit of the app you’re talking about and it works great.  Deezer doesn’t have that in quite the same way however you can cast from your phone to other speakers in a similar way - give it a try and let us know what you think!

Hi Rob, I’ve tried the way you’re referring to and it only gives me the option to stream it to one of my speakers in one room, the other way is much better as I can connect to any! 

I fully support! I myself have long dreamed of this feature in all the music services that I use. It's strange that this has not yet become a standard feature for any music service.

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Hey @AnTom @dcookson 

Thanks a lot for the feedback - a very much requested feature for us to work on. Please register your support by voting on it here :v_tone2: