Songs Missing From Playlists

  • 28 April 2021
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I need someone from Deezer to respond about why songs keep getting removed from my playlists. I am on an iPhone but the desktop shows the same thing, so it is not my phone. I am missing a ridiculous number of songs. One playlist I just tried said it has 12 tracks before I clicked on it, but inside there were only 2. Another said 22 tracks, but only 14 were inside the playlist. I have been a longtime Deezer member but I am close to switching over to Spotify. I have asked this question before with no response from Deezer. 

1 reply

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Hi there @Mariedaisy 

Sorry to hear that. 

Is there a way you can provide us with more details? What's your device model and OS? What's your Deezer app version?

Are you sharing the playlists with anyone? Are they public? Deezer won't be removing any tracks from them. But it might be that the distributors of these tracks have pulled the content from our platform, due to territorial rights changing, for example.