SongCatcher additional play feature

  • 14 July 2019
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Could you please add the feature to like the song once the Songcatcher found the title and the feature to open it if the user wants to ?


3 replies

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Hi there @Silvia Breahna

Thank you for your input and suggestion! The feature to like the song actually already exists - but you're right, to play you need to add to a playlist, for example. Voted for it and passed it on to our team 😉
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Also another additiional play features of songcatcher could be a browser extension to recognize music playing on web , desktop players. And a fast way to get there on mobile, because now you have to open deezer, go to search, press search and then songcatcher starts. It takes some time and song could have finished, for example when you are listening to a radio station, there's no way back to play again that song.
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According to this Reddit thread this play button has been implemented now:

Creating an automatic playlist when catching a new song would be handy, too. And are there any plans to release a desktop version of SongCatcher, as laptops also have microphones these days, or so I have heard. :wink: