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  • 24 June 2018
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maybe I have overlooked something. But I simply want to find a specific song with my 30 or s playlists. So far I was not able to find a way to search within my playlists. Did I overlook something or is there no way to search playlists?

6 replies

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I have tried it a few min ago and it seems you can only search for a playlist but not for a specific song within it . Maybe I miss something as well but I couldn't make it work so maybe this is the way it works (I agree you should have such option ...)

Also wanting this, doing trial now, but if this were to work you’d have my money.

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Thanks for giving your feedback on this @Deciduous Foliage check our ideas forum for more related ideas, needed of your support as well :thumbsup_tone2:

Hello everyone. I’m still looking for a way to search for an artist or song inside my own playlists. Maybe adding a feature that push or enlighten your own playlists on top of results when searching inside the “playlists” search category.

Love Deezer!


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hmmm, for as long as I have had Deezer (I believe) there has been a search function within each playlist...just go to your playlist and tap on the “magnifying glass icon” just below and to the right of the “Play” button.

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It’s true that you can open each playlist page and search within that specific playlist for a song or artist. But it is not possible yet to do that from the overview of all your playlists, the search on that page can only search within the titles of the playlists, not in all tracks of all playlists for a song or artist.