Scrobble my MP3s

  • 25 November 2017
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Hi Deezer Developers,

That would be great to have an ability to scrobble my mp3s to the connected LastFm account the way it is working for the other tracks.

8 replies

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It works with the browser extension Web Scrobbler in the Deezer web player (but not with Deezer's internal scrobbling option), see my reply here.

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I didn't know that upload mp3 don't scrobble to, that's weird.
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Hi there, sorry about the very late reply. We are going through all your ideas at the moment. This one has been noted ;)

Keep them coming in 😉

It has been a year already and it’s still not working.

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Thank you for your support and patience @kandedjibril at the moment this hasn't been prioritised but we'll let you know :wink:

Scrobbling to is not working for uploaded mp3s. It would be nice that Deezer also scrobbles added mp3s.

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Apparently that scrobbling MP3 in Deezer will never be possible, and it's the idea is good. And yes if someone from support reads this please answer the question. Why is it not possible to scrobble MP3 in Deezer?

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My advice to use the Web Scrobbler browser extension for scrobbling uploaded MP3 files with the Deezer web player still works, but if you are on an Android device, you could also use external scrobbling apps like Pano Scrobbler or the official Android app which should be able to scrobble your uploaded MP3 files, too, if they are available as local files on your Android device as well and/or part of a playlist that you created. External scrobbling apps use a different method for Deezer scrobbling, not their internal option.

If you copy your local music files from your computer to a iOS mobile device, scrobbling them should also work with e.g. the iOS app. Accessing your uploaded MP3 files in your Deezer account is very likely not possible with that app though.