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  • 23 November 2021
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While touching the screen a sort of “hidden” option appeared. It was a screencap function that was not the one from the phone and apparently lets me share it with a link, too. I can only access it by touching the screen randomly. I need to know how to actually access it and what’s the exact purpose. I’m leaving a capture.


Extra question: are there any other screen tricks with “hidden” functions?




5 replies

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It probably differs from iOS to Android devices, but for me this looks like you have used the Sharing option on your phone.

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@bluezzbastardzz Nope. It’s not the sharing option. I use the sharing option all the time and it doesn’t do a screencap in the process.

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Might only be somewhat related, but when I screenshot an album or playlist on my iPhone, it also copies a link for me to paste. Very handy for sharing in the “What are you listening to?” thread here in the deezer community! :laughing:

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@GropplerZorn Solved!

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Thank you all. It's solved!