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I don't know if it is just me, but I really used to like the feature that I could add songs directly from the search "bar" without having to load a new page with a list of songs related to my search.I kind of find the new feature a tad bit inconvenient. Returning to the previous setting at least for that, would be appreciated

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Hi there @Victoria.Basopo

Thanks for the suggestion. I've passed it on and now I hope other users also support it!
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Yes, with search bar they've some improvement to do
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I assume this is the same as my issue, so bumping for visibility.
New search interface is worse than previous one, it takes more clicks and doesn't give a poxxibility to play one searched track without other related. Bring back previous interface!
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Hey @Valery Senotov ! Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Please follow this thread for further updates and do not forget to vote for this idea 🙂
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Woah this is almost a year old.

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Alright, @raccoonsarecool don't stone us! :sweat_smile:

We've changed the app experience since, but we'll be looking at these types of improvements soon.