Resume audiobooks (and podcasts) from last position

  • 9 September 2020
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If I’m listening to an audiobook, then listen to some music, I want to be able to continue the audiobook where I left. (or any of the multiple audiobooks which I might have started in)

In that sense, audiobooks are more similar to podcasts: i want to know which episodes I’ve listened to fully (at least once) and partially, so I can easily find the episode / chapter to continue with. For audiobook it will always be the latest (partial) one. For podcasts it will just be a random one I like the title of.

I need either a ‘continue book where left’ (this could happen at the level of ‘album’), or a clear visual showing which episodes I’ve listened to partially or fully.

The first could be an extra button ‘continue at last played song’, which also helps for people who want to continue with an album. And for a podcast, where you stopped halfway an episode.

But even then,  a visual showing which episodes have been listened to (perhaps striped through song title?) helps both audiobooks and podcasts. But would be distracting and annoying for regular songs.

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