Replace tracks feature in playlist

  • 25 June 2020
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I do a lot of conversion from Spotify to Deezer with Soundizz and if a track is not availiable it shows a replace button after the track. Very usefull. Why is this option not available with all tracks?
Sometimes you make a playlist and you use a re-recorded track instead of the orginal track - the replace button would be nice to correct this ‘error’. This option could be in the ‘view menu’ section for example.

3 replies

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Hello @kaosnews, that’s a good suggestion, however difficult to implement. Even if the songs are the same, if they are on different albums, they have different IDs in our systems. That said, maybe we could use a system of tags to enable this, and I’m sure our teams can come up with better solutions.

Thank you a lot for sharing this idea with us :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

Maybe I was not very clear, but this option is already available now - if a track isn’t available anymore you will see this option. But only then and my question was why this is not with every track.


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Hey @kaosnews 

Well spotted! Thanks for the screenshot. I'll let our devs know you like this feature and that we should have for other platforms as well :thumbsup_tone2: