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  • 15 July 2019
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Is the quality of stations also better once subscribed to premium?

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4 replies

I know this is an old thread, but could you confirm that the radio stations are limited to the bit rate of the source?  In other words, a Deezer Hifi subscription would not result in a lossless stream if the radio station only broadcasts in 128k?



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Hi there @lacasa.delcastor @Noam Asulin

I've been checking this with our devs and we can say that, if the radio provides a better quality stream from the source, our player should follow suit and adapt to it according to the users settings. So as a Premium subscriber you can stream on high quality for songs, and if the radio station has a stream for this type of sound quality, you can select it too. The changes may not be visible immediately, but that's the idea behind it.

Thank you for your query and engagement 😉
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Hi Soren,

The quality depends on the radio stream itself, not Deezer. We just add the radio stream to our platform. Hope that helps :relaxed:  @sorenm 

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I don't know for sure but my sense tells me it doesn't. I guess it is the same.