Radio Feature for Deezer

The application Grooveshark has a feature where you set a playlist and then hit Radio and it plays a flow based on the playlist. It allows for a little more tailored flow. For me, my taste ranges from punk, electroswing to metal and showtimes. Makes my flow a little wonky to listen too but this feature would give me a flow based on my taste for the time at the moment.

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Hello @Travis.Oviatt, reading the name Grooveshark sent me waaaay back in time, I know I was using it years ago, can’t remember exactly when… Anyway, you’re basically talking about taking a sample of tracks and asking the Flow to inspire itself from the mood of this sample, right?

Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to make this suggestion :slight_smile:

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You can also change the mood on Flow @Travis.Oviatt just click on that little angry face and give it a go, let us know what can we do to make it better as well :wink: