Prevent Flow from playing live performances

  • 9 August 2019
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Please add a function to prevent Flow from playing live versions of songs. If I wanted to hear people screaming in my music, I'd go to a concert. Or, at the very least, make it so banning live performances from Flow doesn't ban the song altogether.

5 replies

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Hi there @Aravaslac

That's a good suggestion indeed. Since you've created a dedicated topic here, I've voted for it and passed it on to our relevant teams 👍🏼
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In my opinion, music recorded at concerts make you feel part of them everywehere you are, specially with open-back circumaural headphones. But sometimes, because of people screaming as you say, you can't hear voice of artist/s , is annoying.
So, an option to filter that music.... why not?

I prefer original album recording. It is well invested, sound is clear, all parts are there. In live performances, sometimes not all instruments are there. There are background noise etc.

For many of the older songs, deezer have more recent release, all kind of performance albums instead of the original.

If I want to watch live performances, I will go for video option anyway.


I have similar issue with all kind of stupid remix, that are newer and stands out more in deezer, but they are rarely are better that the original. 

Please make it happen! Plus the remixes, I don’t care for those either.

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Thanks for supporting this @Blackegg13 we'll pass it on :wink: