Possible reason for very wrong tracks/artists in Flow found

  • 13 August 2019
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This also probably partially belongs in Beta section as I've discovered the behavior while using Deezer Lab's "Mixes" feature on Android.

So on Deezer there are cases where artists' names are 100% alike. Such is the case with the artist I was listening to, called "Smoky". I was listening to Smoky that produced ambient music, for example "The Yellow EP" is one of their albums. But at the same time we have another Smoky who's hails from Latin America and their music is markedly different and something I would never listen to.

Upon starting the mix Deezer immediately started recommending Latin hip hop gangsta cruel life-type of music even though it was nowhere near the contents of the original track. And then that other Smoky came into the mix. So somehow, instead of trying to arrange the mix based on its contents, Deezer would rely on names and other useless textual similarities. That immediately explained to me why I get such kind of music mixed into Flow as well, even though I never listen to it and don't have anything like that added to favorites.

Deezer, please pass it on to the relevant team. What we need to have is reliance on songs's content to bring really useful results, otherwise it's a mess that we're having right now. I know Spotify does that, that's why their recommendations are so much better, useful and enjoyable. They apparently have a very wide database of genres (not just ambient, rock and hip-hop) and analyze every song to assign a genre score to it, and then use that score along with your play history to build various kinds of playlists (like, quieter or more energetic).

2 replies

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Hi there @Buckie

Thank you again for bringing your honest feedback to us. I've passed it to our Flow team.
I guess if the catalogue isn't tidy with the right metadata, our features can suffer from it. Good news is that we've got a massive project to make our catalogue super accurate and neat at the moment. Hopefully it can help with issues like the ones you mentioned.
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Great. If anything I can do to help, let me know.