Playlist Last Updated Date

  • 12 August 2019
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Would it be possible to add a date to every playlist published detailing the date the playlist was last updated?

As an example, if I do a search for "Afrikaans" and select "Playlists", then I would like to be able to arrange those playlist in order that it was last updated in order to identify playlists that are updated regularly.

When I then click into a specific playlist and sort by "Recently Added", the latest song added should equal the date that the entire playlist was last updated.

Due to the large number of playlist available, it does help user know which ones are maintained.

3 replies

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Hi there @mark.schoeman

Thanks for your input. Right now, via web or desktop app, you can see when the playlist was last updated when you open it. I understand you'd like them to be sorted in order of update, without having to open them to check that. Am I close to it? Let me know and I'll pass the feedback on 😉
You are 100% correct. I'd like to see the albums sorted by date so that one can see the most frequent/last updated albums first. This should obviously be a sort option for the user.

It would then also be nice to see just a little visual, maybe under the album which says "Last updated on XX-XX-XXXX"
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Got it @mark.schoeman I've passed it on 👍🏼