Offline Mode not working

  • 1 November 2017
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with a premium account I am not able to use the offline Modus. Not on the tablet and not on the apple mobile. All internet discriptions did not help.
Question is: I have downloaded my playlist. I boot the tablet and have no Internet connection at all. How can I here Music? It do not work out at all.
Thanks for supporting.


8 replies

Everytime i turn my internet off with my offline mode on the playlists are not loading
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Hi Theo, that's strange. Is there a green dot in front of every track in the playlist and is the download button green?
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@Philip.Gleghorn I moved your thread to this topic since you seem to have the same problem. Do you have green dots in front of the tracks and is the download button "active" ?
When i switch my data off Deezer wont let me play my music!! It states that i must tern shuffle on!! How do i do this??

Please can u help 🙂 Me!!
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Hi @Shelly.Wright, are you a premium+ user and have you downloaded the playlists/albums you want to listen to offline?
I keep on downloading my playlists and if im offline they wont play, when I go on Deezer and go to downloaded it shows green dots next to the downloaded song then I go offline and can not listen to anything so Deezer eats up my data every time I want to listen to my music
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That's odd 🤔 What happens when you press play on the downloaded playlists, is there any error message?