No Audio Quality Indicator / badge in Desktop App?

  • 8 January 2019
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Hello, I have the Deezer HiFi subscription. I installed the desktop app v.4.0.5 on Windows 10, and selected HiFi 1,411kb/s under Audio Quality settings as preferred streaming quality. However, I am unable to verify the ACTUAL streaming quality when the track is played, or even see it before playing it.

(1) There is no indication of the bit rate when playing a track, and there is no quality badge or icon shown anywhere in the app - like a "HiFi" or a "FLAC" badge...or anything, so users could verify that the played track is indeed in HiFi (1,411kb/s).

(2) The quality of the tracks is not shown anywhere BEFORE playing them either (or I can't seem to find it)

Is this something coming to the W10 app? If yes, when is this expected to be implemented? Thanks.

1 reply

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I remember that this has been suggested several times before, and there already is an existing thread in the Ideas section where you can vote for it.


Meanwhile the album cover of the play queue view in the desktop app and web player (also on mobile devices) has this indicator, so you can at least check the audio quality of the currently playing track. I also would like to see some form of audio details for non-playing tracks though.