Music stops playing because there are another devices playing, while there are none

  • 28 September 2018
  • 3 replies

Pretty much everything is in the question. There are no devices playing music but music stops on the only device I'm using somehow.

Could you just play music in the newest session, while killing the older ones?

This thing is really annoying, I'm thinking about unsubbing.

3 replies

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Hi @GK91

the music will only stop playing if music STARTS playing on another device. If you had music playing on a device and then stopped it - Deezer see's that as no longer playing and won't affect another device.

I hope that makes sense? If you have further problems please explain in more details 🙂
I find this really annoying as music is definitely not playing on another device. It keeps stopping and interrupting my flow.
This started happening since yesterday.
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Hi there @Funto

I've unlinked all devices from your account and sent a password reset email. Please let me now if you still need help ;)

Don't forget to unlink devices you add which may not belong to you - this is normally the reason why it happens.