Mix based on favorite artists

  • 23 September 2020
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How about adding the ability to create a playlist based on favorite or any artists?

2 replies

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Hi there @KolyaD 

Thanks for reaching out. Could you please elaborate on your idea and give us some examples? I want to be sure to which department I can forward your suggestion to :relaxed:

How would you create that playlist? It might be that we have that feature already.

Hello, Ridu

Well, as example, for me it could be like this:

  • you added some artists to your favourite list (e.g. AC/DC, Metallica, Pink, Awolnation  etc.)
  • Each artist have some quantity of songs in Deezer base already (10, 20, 25).
  • And in the section ‘Favourite artists’ you press the button (Play Mix) and Deezer making you mix like in ‘Flow’ but using only songs of the particular artists (Favourite artists)
  • This mix could be, e.g. - ‘random’ when the songs from Favourite artists are randomly played, ‘sorted by alphabet’ (by artists, by name of the song), ‘by genre’