• 31 January 2023
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Where does it say it's streaming 1411 kb per second I know it says hi-fi

8 replies

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Hey @Greg Symanski,

here you will find information on the possible audio qualities:


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@Greg Symanski 

FLAC is a codec for lossless compression.

The base audio is 44.100 Hz with 16 Bit/s and 2 channels (Stereo). If you multiply these numbers you get a total of 1.411.200 Bits per second.

This signal is compressed therefore the file has a lower bitrate than 1.411 kbits if you calculate it by file size divided with time.

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Do you see where it says MP3?

You want to see flac data and just play mp3.

I just want to physically see the numbers 1411 there's some sites that I go on and they stream songs and you could see the kilobytes per second 800 kb per second 900 kb per second 1100 kbps 5,000 kilobytes per second I just want to see where it says 1411 kbps

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@dee_dirk@Greg Symanski 

In the options it only seems to have three options unless flac is now HQ


That's  OK just wanted to see 1411kbps 


Do you see where it says 200 kb per second I want to see 1411 kb per second where do I see that on Deezer