just received this message in my android deezer app..

  • 27 July 2020
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I don't want to offend anyone here but this is a very confusing message in my opinion. I don't think this is appropriate these days. In Dutch it reads quite racist. Also when you would translate it to English…

I personally think something went wrong when submitting this message. 



2 replies

I agree. I was about to post the exact same topic. Deezer is trying to be SJW and get rid of racism, by introducing more racism?

A channel with music, selected by black people? If someone believes the color of the skin can predetermine the taste in music - this is racist. You claim certain music is “special” because it is selected by a person, whose skin color is black.

Deezer, stop shoving your pseudo SJW and couch warrior nonsense in our faces. “Black” is not a genre. Now, go ahead, and a filter in your search, will you? “Created by a black person”. If this achieves anything - it’ll be to create that gap between the  “races” will become even bigger.

I want a dedicated channel too! - a channel with music, selected by white gamers in their 30s, who also enjoy modern sci-fi and think the ending of LOST was actually good. Do it, or I’ll be offended. I want  “my people” represented.

It was bad enough you try to force this on my “flow” - I’ve never ever listened to more than 6 RnB songs but now all of a sudden - my flow overflows (pun intended) with RnB.

Stop it. I unsubscribed from all your notifications. I use premium. I pay with money, so stop forcing your ads and opinions on me.

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Hello @marcuzzz, thank you for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated and not offending at all. We’ve shared it internally so that the team in charge can review the message.

Thanks again :slight_smile: