Interface is massively improved on Desktop App!

  • 2 September 2019
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Just wanted to compliment Deezer on the dark mode and changing colour bar on the desktop app, as well as other recent changes. The IOS app is also looking great.

3 replies

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Hi there @injatimi

Thank you for your kind feedback and input! We're all happy with dark mode across different devices and we hope to continue the good work based on suggestions our community brings 😉
I think the iOS iPad app is nowhere good enough. I always sort albums by artist not album title. It’s fine on the iPhone but on the iPad it then also sorts them into artist which means there is loads of white space to scroll down due to having many artists with only one album saved. Wish it could be the same as the iPhone and desktop apps.
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Hey @Weareqpr

Thank you for your input - this is great feedback. It's not often we see iPad users talking about the app. We'll pass on to the right team here at Deezer 👍🏼