I want to be able to search (within my own playlists) for song title or artist

Should be a simple fix. Please incorporate and I’ll be a paying customer.

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To specify, from the playlist page I want to search a term and see all of my playlist that contain that artist or song, etc. Not just search by playlist name.

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I've replied to you on different topics @Deciduous Foliage it's a good suggestion and I've already passed it to our devs - thank you once again :relaxed:

Dear Rudi,

You already answered twice that’s the suggestion is passed to your teams but after all this time still no way to do it ? Is this so difficult to add ? Especially my friends can do that on Spotify for a long time…

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Hey @Profiler80 to pass feedback or info to our teams doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to see that fix or feature straight away or in the short team, but we are always pushing them to make sure our users are heard. 
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello everyone. I’m still looking for a way to search for an artist or song inside my own playlists. Maybe adding a feature that push or enlighten your own playlists on top of results when searching inside the “playlists” search category.

Love Deezer!