I am forced to accept Cookies pop up everytime i open from mobile

  • 1 September 2020
  • 4 replies

Every time I open the app on mobile i am forced to accept all cookies otherwise i get this terrible process of cookies pop up → reject → listen to music again and again and again. Are you forcing me to accept all cookies? this is a terrible user process, illegal and if that continues i will easily move to spotify. can you explain? fix that?

4 replies

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There was a problem with the cookies recently and now we have fixed it. Could you please reinstall the app and test it again?

I have reinstalled the app but again, every time i open it i am required to accept /reject the cookies. I use Android 9 version on Galaxy S10 . Any ideas?

have the same problem on latest IOS, this Is vey very annoying. Reinstalling the app did NOT solve the issue.

Please correct fast or I really move on, this is an  unacceptable UX.

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Hello @Idan Greenberg and @Summer, this should be fixed today. Let us know if that’s still an issue after tomorrow.