How to turn off auto shuffle

  • 15 June 2020
  • 6 replies

How to turn off auto shuffle

6 replies

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Hi there @ZTIXIV 

Thanks for asking. Could you please let us know in which app you have this on?

What do you mean?

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I meant in what device are you listening to Deezer on? @ZTIXIV Maybe this topic here can help you out :wink:

Hi @Rudi . I'm currently listening to Deezer on this device:



Android 8.1.0


I already checked that out and No it isn't color blue

The play button is Red. I already updated the app to its latest version just now..

Can auto shuffle be turned off on the next update for me. Just for me.

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Hello @ZTIXIV, it’s not possible to do an update just for you :sweat_smile: However, we’ll help you solve this issue. Can you check the shuffle button, as shown in the picture below, is activated? When activated, there is a dot below.