How to disable automatic switch of songs between devices

  • 17 November 2021
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Recently, Deezer got a very annoying feature where a song that I listen on one device automatically replaces the song on another device.

How to disable it?


Morning: I listen to the Album X (offline) on my smartphone on the way to work

Day: I listen to video game soundtracks on my work computer

Evening (expected): I’d like to continue listen to the Album X on my smartphone on the way home

Instead, Deezer switches my queue on the smartphone to the music from my work computer.

I don’t want to listen to it, it is not downloaded to my smartphone, etc.; it is just annoying when computer programs show some unnecessary servility.


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Hi @Dmitry Kabanov,

You can easily get rid of that annoyance as you put it by turning off synchronised Queue-list (see image below).

Toggle this off

Be sure to turn that off on all your devices - instructions on how to can be found here.

Hi @FriskyProdigy,


thank you, I’ve found it!

For some reason, in Android app, the setting is in Settings → Devices, not in Settings → Audio.