How do I play one song and stop, with minimal clicks?

  • 10 September 2020
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I want to select a song and play it. End of. I do not want a queue of all other songs ever recorded by the artist or ANYTHING else. Just the song I select. I do not want to have to create some special queue and go through some workaround process. I just want to click a button and play, then stop.

Is this possible? I gave up on spotify because of its absurd assumptions about what I wanted to listen to next.

3 replies

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Hey @Deezerj 

Thanks for the feedback and request. In what platform/device do you listen to Deezer on?


Windows 10, but occasionally Android.

I find that there seems to be trend to offer as few options to the user as possible in much modern software, and this seems to me to be a very retrograde and baffling tendency. Whether this is because the developer can’t justify designing the s/w to be more configurable or whether it is an attitdude such as “don’t worry, all will be fine, we know what’s best for you” - I have no idea. But, when you look at  Winamp (maybe no longer around) and GOM Player there are so many more things to tweak and the s/w is popular and liked as a result.

Thank you

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I get you @Deezerj but those were players, not streaming platforms. The difference is large when it comes to preparing an app which suits mobile devices with millions of songs accessible through streaming and features like recommended content as no media player offer. But your feedback is very interesting and having more options to customise the experience on Deezer is definitely a plus and we're very grateful for it :relaxed: