How can I find profiles of my friends?

  • 8 April 2020
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I'm looking for a profile that has just been created and wants to follow me but cannot find me when typing my name on the search bar and same for me when I look for it. What can I do to find it? None of the accounts are private. 


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4 replies

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Hi there @ElisPia.Acos 

Thanks for reaching out. Could I have a name for the user/profile in question? Another way to find it is to follow other users and then find each other through the followers. Perhaps doing this on a PC/Mac can help too :thumbsup_tone2:

Thanks for your reply, the name of the account SS (there is a lot of account with that name but this one has no follower or following. I've tried on a computer but I couldn't find it. 

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Hi @ElisPia.Acos it is sometimes difficult to find the profiles of friends when there are many with the same name.

  1. You can either enter the name “SS” in the Deezer App into the search bar at the top exactly as it is written on the profile » scroll down to the bottom of the search results » click on view all » filter for profiles


  1. Please follow these steps on a computer or laptop, not on mobile or tablet:
  • open internet browser Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox
  • log into your Deezer account via
  • ask your friend which URL link or which number it shows at the top of their internal browser when they click on their own profile. The URL link should look like this, with numbers instead of X
  • enter this link in your internetbrowser at the top
  • then your friend’s profile should appear and you can follow him/her straight away :wink:


  1. Your friend searches for your profile and follows you first. Then you can find it in your followers.

In your case, please try option 2. Thank you

I will do this, thank you for your help