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Hear this needs to come back.
This feed differentiates Deezer from other streaming services and has me hooked for several years now.
Disabling it is very disappointing and just makes me want to walk away from Deezer.

Please Deezer let us keep on discovering new artists and new music through this great feature.
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Deezer Team, another disappointed customer, BIG TIME! "Hear This" feature was the main reason why I chose Deezer over other platforms.

Please put it back on web and mobile apps as well. Please!!
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"Hear this" was stand out and I chose Deezer not other streaming service. If you have decided remove it, could you explain us what was base of this decision? Maybe we cannot understand and there are grounds to remove it? Lack communication and answers from Deezer's staff doesn't look professional.
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It's so disappointing to see no answers from Deezer staff on this thread or on the few others asking the same question(s): why did 'Hear this' disappear'? Is it an accident? is it definitive? as paying users, shouldn't we be informed when a favourite feature of ours is removed?
As many of us already mentioned, we like Deezer because we love music, and as music lovers, we enjoy albums, not just popular tracks or (uninteresting) playlists.
Deezer is (was?) able to recommend great albums, and I could discover great artists almost every day thanks to this feature. This is only feature that convinced me it was worth paying for this service. If it's gone, then you can draw your own conclusions...
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Huge disappointment to lose the 'hear this' option. It will severely reduce my Deezer listening time. I rarely create playlists with music I already know. I would check Hear This at least once a day and enjoy discovering new work that related in some way to my existing collections NOT to Deezer's (or business partners!) own plan.
No 'Hear This', no hearing Deezer.
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Whaaaaat?? Are you serious?? You removed the "Hear This" section - on purpose?? I thought it was a glitch and now I see this.

Seriously, this is one of the reasons I recommended Deezer to so many friends. And I love the new desktop app, and the mobile is fine (even though notifications are 2 months old and not working) - however - "Hear This" was the main way I found new artists and albums on Deezer.

"Hear This" is how I discovered SO many good music. And sorry, but Flow is often flawed (pun intended). Why? Because it keeps feeding me the most popular music and artists, instead of actually paying attention to what I listen to.

Now, before telling me I need to give it time to learn, I have been using Deezer for some years now and mostly listen to a mix of alternative/jazz/ambient music. Guess what, Flow keeps feeding me the same middle-of-the-road songs all over again, peppered with some of my favourite tracks.

"Hear This" was MUCH better at taking into account what I listen to and like, and it actually gave me control over that, also it was more ALBUM focused, while Flow is focused on PLAYLISTS. Yeah, everything's a playlist today - except that it isn't.

I am really dissappointed.

P.S. I work in the IT industry, on software development. When we deprecate features, it's either they're not used at all (doubt this is true in this case), or we THINK we are offering something new and better (again, not the case here). HOWEVER, sometimes, we learn that what we had WAS better. And when this happens, we tend to reverse course and go back. It is the reasonable thing to do. I hope you see it like this as well.
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As I've already said in another comment, but I think it's worth repeating here: I felt that "Hear This" offered me much better suggestions (including albums!) that matched my musical taste much better than Flow did. It's almost as if they used another algorithm. To me Flow sounds like giving me my own favorites half of the time, and a seemingly random selection of today's hits the other half. I used the desktop version more than the mobile version, just to have "Hear This".
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This is the response I've received from Deezer support:

We apologise for the inconvenience.

I confirm that your problem is known by our development team and we have an approved plan to resolve it.
Dear Deezer, please restore option "hear this" in main menu. Otherwise I don't want to pay for Premium. Sorry 😞
Hola ¿Tienen plan de recuperar la función "hear this" (recomendaciones) pronto?
For some reason this tab has changed to Notifications page, and the great recommendation stream is nowhere to be found. How do I switch to Hear This in the most recent app version?

Glad to hear the that 'Hear This' tab will come back - well bummed it is missing.
"Hear this" is the best feature... where is it?
ok, let's go to spotify...
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it is back!
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it is back!
Great! at least we made it clear that we don't want to lose this feature, just in case they had it in mind 🙂
I am really missing the 'hear this' tab, it was a source of new music for me and I loved it. Notifications just are not the same and give me very little. Please bring back the 'Hear this' page.
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yes, it's back. hear this is back. GG Deezer.
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I got a word from support and apparently it was a bug and "fixed". I put it in parenthesis because "Hear This" is again available in the Web player (on Deezer.com) but not in the Desktop Beta app (on Windows 10).

I also doubt the issue is in the app itself because "Hear This" dissappeared without any update to the app.

Finally, I am really glad this is a bug and not a removing of the feature. Sorry for the previous rant, but I really really like this feature. 🙂
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running Deezer Beta (latest release) on Mac OSX 10.14.2 Beta (18C48a) - subscribed to Deezer HiFi
"Hear this" has somehow disappeared from the left menu. Now, there is only "Home" and "Explore" left.

Really loved the feature to find new music. Is this a bug? Did I do something wrong? Or did you remove it?

Can this be fixed please!?
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Delighted 'Hear This' back on web player, thanks Deezer! Sadly equivalent 'Notifications' on android phone still months behind...
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To the developers, support team, & others at Deezer: Thank you for bringing back "Hear This", much appreciated!
Hey there! Need some help. I have always had trouble with receiving Deezer kind of Hear This on the website for my iPhone App. For no reason at all. Now I don't get them, e.g. nothing happens when I press on an alert icon in Deezer App while on the web I have everyday recommendations from Deezer. I have checked my settings, everything is on. So is it some kind of software problem? And if it is so when is it supposed to be solved? It's been almost 2 months.
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The best feature of this app is finally back, I was about to cancel my account! Thank you for hearing us
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Hear this is back in the Mac OsX Beta (!

Thanks a lot!
Hi @wiggi_wig, are you talking about our Hear This feature?

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Hi Victoria, on the mobile app before it was refreshed there used to be a steady stream of newly released things of interest and within that were play lists from other users. Some were deeper editor play lists but others were private ones ( or and least seemed to be). For me it enabled a discovery of music that was 'lost' or 'missed' and not just headline tracks on albums from years gone by. Hope that helps