Google Home in New Zealand

  • 20 May 2018
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When using Google home it doesn't allow me to select Deezer as my prefdered music app. Just Spotify , Google Play or YouTube.

When telling Google to use Deezer it says that it isn't available in my country.

Adding this functionality would be great.
The only things stopping me from moving to Spotify now are the high quality audio and the UX

7 replies

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Hopefully this will be implemented soon, fingers crossed.
I see Deezer support for Google Home has been around for quite, but currently limited to only a handful of countries.

One of the countries currently supported is Australia. Most technology companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft. Netflix etc.) tend to release products services in both Australia and New Zealand the same time. We have very similar legal systems and regional distribution / logistics / support capabilities are often leveraged across both countries.

I therefore wonder why this integration is currently only available in Australia and not New Zealand especially when your main competitor does offer this)?

I have recently 100% switched to Deezer form Spotify, and have brought the rest of my family over at the same time. This is one point of grief for me at the moment, as other members of the family like to play music through our Google Home and since cancelling our Spotify subscription they are no longer able to do this.....
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Hi @mro9999 I am afraid we have no information when this will be available. Please vote for this suggestion above to maybe speed up the process 😉

Please keep in mind that the launch of Google Home in new countries does not depend entirely on us 😉

Just signed up, won't be renewing as this feature not available

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Hey @CMainland 

Thank you for your support. Our product managers have informed us that our integration with Google Home in more countries doesn’t depend on us but on Google themselves. We’ve been working hard for the past couple of years to improve this, but ultimately it is down to Google to choose which global partners to have on their devices. Thank you for your understanding on this :thumbsup_tone2:


Any update on this?  Remember is your loss.  We can keep using Spotify.

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The reason why we're so disappointed with this is exactly because of that @Johnny Smith 

No updates yet because the year just started and these types of negotiations take time. Hang in there, I'll keep everyone posted!