Google Home in Israel

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I see you've closed the original conversation thread for Google home in Israel, and in the closing post you asked to open a new idea thread for each country and vote on it.

I was hoping that's after feature was released to the UK it would go to a worldwide release rather than gradually to each country.

In any case, if you're from Israel please vote up this topic or comment in it so that we can get Google home support in Israel.

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Hey Deezer (the irony),
Can you give us an update on how this rollout is going to work?
Is there a timeline for it this voting thing?
When will you release the feature world wide?
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Hi @Yochai Gilad thanks for this.

We are not able to share any time related information, but rest assured we are working on it 😉
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So, how is that rollout coming along?
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Hi Guys,
Why is this taking so long?
It's been more then a year since the feature was initially released.
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Also, why is this topic hidden from the search for "Google home" and "Israel"?
Looking at this thread I see that you're working on this for over seven months now......
Can we have an update?
It seems ridiculous to me that I can connect Spotify and not Deezer
Same here,

Should we start switching to Spotify? It seems they care more about Israel users.
Is such support planned?
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Hi there @Hanan Taiber

Please vote for the idea here - so that we can support it.
Is there any chance we will receive support regarding this issue in near future ?
I switched to Deezer after few years with spotify, you really have much more available tracks
if I can use it only on three devices (please explain, is it 3 devices simultaneously or I can install it only on three devices per account?)
If I can't connect it to my Google Home and use it like spotify,
I probably will switch back to spotify, please prove me wrong and make Deezer worthy.
I have 2 Google home device at home. The only reason I didn't switch to Deezer from spotify yet is this support in Israel.
Is there any chance in the near future that it will be supported?
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Hi there @101nano @livshitz

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we pretty much love having Deezer available on every Google Home supported country, but it isn't that simple. We need to have the partner's support as well. But we've been working for a long time on this, hopefully it can be a possibility soon 👍🏼
The only reason why I'm not switching from Spotify is the lack of supporting Google Home in Israel. If spotify can do it, I'm sure you can do it as well.
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Thanks for the support @Yaakov Shahak we've been working on this incessantly 👍🏼
Just switched from Spotify to Deezer without knowing this is an issue.
For me, Google Home is a must. I guess I will need to switch back.
I will consider it again when you make it available
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Thank you for the honest feedback @shimi. Hopefully we can expand our Google Home integration soon enough 👍🏼
I moved from Spotify to Deezer for the family plan, the price and most of all the way Deezer keeps the album format real( against the playlist format ).

Google home is not a must,but it has became a hype in here....We understand it's not a technical thing....Could you reveal a bit more letting us know what is holding you back ?
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Hi there @velvetzhero

Thank you for your support and loyalty. Our product managers have recently informed us that our integration with Google Home in more countries doesn’t depend on us, but on Google themselves. We’ve been working hard for the past couple of years to improve this, but ultimately it is down to Google to choose which global partners to have on their devices. In other words, there's nothing on our side holding us back. Thank you for your understanding on this.
I see :)

Thank you for your response.
I will wait on them...Too bad they did allow Spotify and not Deezer yet.

Keep on the good vibes,
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Thanks a lot for your support [user=158591]velvetzhero[/user] :thumbsup_tone2:

I have moved today to deezer today for the family plan but the missing google home support is unacceptable. Going to spotify

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Hey @NAKH I can understand your frustration but as Rudi explained above the integration for Deezer on Google Home depends on Google and we cannot do much here :/ I have passed your feedback to our product managers and I hope it will help anyway, but please make sure you also contact Google to express your disappointment. Thanks