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  • 3 December 2018
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Flow has started playing songs i said to never play again. Five songs in a row this has happened. Not to mention the weird genres that have started playing. Never have i heard it before and i dont want to hear it again. I feel like they got the guy who did the web page redesign to mess with the algorithm. Does anyone else have this problem?

Best answer by Flo.Deezer 12 December 2018, 15:39

Hi @Ymir PM our developers work on the Flow constantly and it can happen that you get music non related to your likes. Please keep an eye on it and if it continuous let us know 😉
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42 replies

Same issues.

BTW button "do not play again" are blue(looks as checked but song plays)!
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Hi there, sorry about that. Would you be able to give us a specific example and also a screenshot if possible?
It's happening to me too. Not just flow but also the genre recommendation has totally flown away, making available genres I never liste too

I. E. I used to have metal and rock in start screen, now Latin and Rap

It is disgusting my Flow offers me music I would never listen to, proactively. It's like he forgot ll my preferences built during last years
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Hi @Ymir PM our developers work on the Flow constantly and it can happen that you get music non related to your likes. Please keep an eye on it and if it continuous let us know 😉
It got solved automatically, now it is offering me the right music. Thanks!
This issue still persists. I suggest the developers do the following thing: in a song you dislike, click to never play it again and the just keep skipping the songs... the song you have disliked will appear again.. this is really terrible.

We should also be able to skip artists songs!
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Please see @Flo.Deezer 's comment above. We've always worked on this, but there are also different versions of the same track. Please check this topic for different tips on improving Flow.
Now you can also block artists on Android (more and more users every week can now do this) and on our Desktop App! For more info, check here 😉
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I've contacted Deezer more than once about this, on a different email (i think). And I've told them Flow keeps giving absolute garbage should be music almost all the time.

The responses I kept getting were "clear case. Reinstall. Log in and out.". Usual sort of bad unusefull answers.

Well, it's been over a year and guess what. I'm a few devices further and still X'ing the same stupid sounds as I was back then.
It's more bad, way more bad than anything remotely good.
And the stuff gets worse. I absolutely hate artard rihanna, slag beyonce and latin bs. I have literally X'd despocita, pink and scar tissue over a hundred time in a month. And still, they come up. Sometimes even after skipping 5 other songs.

And the message saying We WoNt ReCc0mMeND tHIS aNyMoRe means absolutely nothing. Because as I'm typing this, I'm using deezer flow. SKIPPING HUNDREDS OF TERRIBLE (refusr to call them music) SOUNDS.

Oh, right. Those who contacted me also told me the algorithm disables tracks that get disliked 3 times in flow. That's why im still getting sia everyday putting me on the brink of throwing my phone.

Also, not that fond of the secret location tabbing.

But anyway. Plenty of people have posted it. Deezer Flow is broken.
So Deezer, fix it. Because I'm getting truly fed up with the lies and disservice.
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Hi @Glenn Buutfeld I am very sorry you are experiencing this issue. We did have other users some users complaining about this, but not recently. If you have had this issue for so long I would recommend to try and create a new account and see if it does the same in the new account. This could be a solution in the meanwhile. We can transfer your music over to the new account. Please get in touch with support about transferring music over here 😉
Same issue here. I’m getting a load of French music whenever I use flow. Nothing against the French but I don’t listen to that. Complete waste of time. Example attached.

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Hi there @Daviduncle

Are you using a VPN? Please try clearing your app's cache.
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@Flo.Deezer but does it solve the 1000 disliked songs max? Does it fix the bs that a very much hated song literally comes back 2 skips later?

Does it disregard that my subscription is on this account?

And does it remedy the annoyance I've had and am having for a long time, despite being a very active user for some 5 or 6 years?

And does that mean I'll have to set up a new account every year?
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same issue appeared a week ago and continues. i have to listen songs which i have disliked 2 or more times.
+1 here
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Hey guys,

I've reported this to our devs and I'll let you know once I get an update!
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Thats fun and all, but I've been a member since what, 2011? And I've had this "problem" for years now. And it's actually getting WORSE.

I've switched between SEVERAL devices, pretty much cleaned my entire favorites and playlists (going from a few hundred songs to barely 10 in favs). And the last few days I've had NOTHING but slag music for those lacking any taste or relativity to me or my tracks. Even worse is when skipping 10, the SAME 10 repeat. Over and over.

Do I, my play history or my grammar even remotely look like I'd listen to aya nakamura, lil dick kleine or xxxtestical?

And no, i dont want to change accounts. The lack of faith in that solving anything on a long term is not present.
Get your sh*t together, or I'm taking my subscription with spotify along with the rest of my fam.
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Replied on your own topic @Glenn Buutfeld we're working on improving the dislike function. Thanks again for your feedback!
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I’m still getting music which I dislike. Last night, flow started to play for me tons of Arabic songs.. I don’t know where the hell these songs came from, I didn’t even hearted / Liked an Arabic song or an artist, they’re not even on my favorite music or library playlists. Why is this happening!!!!!

And why am i still not getting the discover weekly under flow tab? I’m paying for a subscription every month and suppose to get everything just like everyone else!!
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HI @Mr. Jahrami if you send us links to songs that Flow plays, but should not play we can forward it to the Flow team.

There is a Discover Flow under the flowtabs for everyone. Sometimes we try out new features and release them to a small group of users at first before rolling it out to everyone else, that is how it works.
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HI @Mr. Jahrami if you send us links to songs that Flow plays, but should not play we can forward it to the Flow team.

There is a Discover Flow under the flowtabs for everyone. Sometimes we try out new features and release them to a small group of users at first before rolling it out to everyone else, that is how it works.

Yeah. Regarding links. Rather than me copy pasting over 50 of those, why don't I just show you a video of me bashing through a lot of those? Then you can actually see how they just come back a few seconds later
I'm a heavy user of deezer and flow since 2008.
Like the algorithm really knows me . AI.
About 2 months that flow is just like you all said.
Playing the brazilian folk "sertanejo" that I have already told Deezer that I dislike.
Deezer and Flow were going just good. What happened ? Artificial mental illness ??
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Hi there @Marina Purri @Glenn Buutfeld

Thank you for your feedback, I'll be passing it to the Flow team. Could you try clearing the app's cache and resetting the password @Marina Purri ?
Hi all.

I have been a Deezer Premium/HiFi user for 8 years and don't wish to go anywhere else, but the huge beef I have with Deezer is the Flow/Inspired By/Artist Mix functioning.

On Pandora/Spotify if I choose particular artists, let's say Richmond Fontaine (, I can get hours of music similar to that including great music / artists I've never heard. Similarly, Tommy Guerrero (downtempo/art rock instrumentals), hours with only the occasional "dislike."

If I choose either of those on Deezer, I spend all my time focusing on skipping (no dislike button) and there's absolutely no flow. I can't use it in the car unless I'm a passenger!

It seems like the algorithm chooses the least attractive aspect of each artist's music and then chooses music based on that least attractive quality.

I only have the other streaming services as free subscriptions for driving and I don't wish to convert, I'm happy enough where I am. But, if they can get this right, so can you Deezer.

And, it seems from the huge number of members willing to take the time to join the forum, and comment, that there is a much, much, needed overhaul of this aspect of an otherwise fantastic service.

What do you think?
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I think you hit the spot there @xanleman thank you for your support and feedback!
Our users in the community voiced their upset about our 'Hear This' being taken. And we share that we need a bit more on that front. So the community asked our product managers to give us an update about this. And your feedback can certainly help us to get there!

I’d also like to give my input to this topic, as I’m growing extremely frustrated with Deezer and it’s recommendation mechanism.


Deezer customer support has been a real charm and that’s mostly what has kept me with Deezer besides Spotify’s APK being uninstallable in any version that I’ve been able to find, but I’m mere inches away from cancelling my subscription permanently due to what I see as a blatant display of incompetence in one of the core functions of Deezer.


I do not mean to personally attack anyone, as, being a software developer myself, I know how it’s often difficult to please the customer, but Deezer’s lead should seriously consider a break with whatever governs the current state. I’m frankly under the impression that no effort at all has been or is being put into the “Flow” / recommendation mechanism given how absurdly bad it functions, but if indeed, Deezer’s claim that there are people actively developing that part of their software is true, I reckon it must be an absolutely desolate and unmaintainable FUBAR.


I’m convinced that a mechanism as simple as that a child could come up with and possibly implement would do a better job than whatever cluster…. the current system produces:


  • Do actually *not* play songs that have been explicitly disliked/”blocked” by the user
  • Choose from albums or artists that the user has liked


Essentially, Deezer’s current algorithm operates diametrically from these two trivial tenets. It doesn’t even require any (more or less) sophisticated measure of “similarity” or intelligence. If that sort of “intelligence” is what has been attempted by Deezer and now fails so horribly producing results which are multiply worse than the trivial solution, something is subtantially wrong. And it is, mildly put, an annoyance to the (paying) customer if they are being played the same song which they have explicitly “blocked” a dozen times, over and over again, etc.


If Deezer isn’t just “milking” the software they have without any competence to bring it up to state, I strongly advise to put development effort into the “Flow” algorithm, for the current state is an offense.