Feedback about Deezer translation (Finnish)

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I want to send improvements to yout finnish translation.

For example when I like track, it says on Android at least:

Artist Don’t care song “Ruff Limits” is added to your favorites.

BUT. Don’t Care is the song and Ruff Limits is the artist…

Also happens adding to playlist, the details are messed around.

In Web Player under your picture you can edit removed content and it says “Hallitse poistettua sisältö” which should be “Hallitse poistettua sisältöä”.

On Android Artist page Included (not sure what in English) is mukana which is right, but it should be Mukana because every other item on artist page starts with capital too. I can post more.

On Android search (from bottom) it says Äänestä which means Vote? Not related to the option to listen music nearby for returning you with song id. Should be something like “Tunnista kappale”. Or what it is in English, do not want to go English myself to see what it says on that.

On Android when you click on album, playlist, song etc. it shows Play next and it is translated Toista seuraava. It is okay, but it should be “Toista seuraavaksi” to be more finnish… On Web it is translated “Kuuntele seuraavaksi” so I think you should even use that on Android as well.

On Android in album view it says Saman artistin which means From same artist, but it should be Samalta artistilta which is again more finnish… Thank you so much if you can fix it!

Translation is great, but some fixes needed.

Where do I post?

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Right here where you posted @hpguru I'll take care of the rest! :wink:

Thanks a lot. Feel free to pass on more info for us to fix :thumbsup_tone2:

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Thank you, you provide amazing service.

I am impressed you got it right here for implement. We can do better translation together.

I will see if I find anything else, but for not these are that I discovered listening music!