duplicate songs (replays, copies) in a playlist

Tell me how to delete duplicate songs (replays, copies) in a playlist? Manually delete long and uncomfortable. Is there any special function?
Can I have several songs at once (in bulk) add to "my music"?

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Heey @kasimariia 😎
Hm... no feature to automatically remove all duplicate tracks, but if you access the playlist either on our desktop app or on in your browser on your computer, you will be able to delete multiple tracks at once by ticking the boxes on the right hand side 🙂
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If this is a short playlist with not many songs in it then eyeball scanning is not so hard to find duplicate song titles. If it is a lengthy list, say 100 songs then more time consuming but not that difficult to write down the song title, check the boxes as already advised and delets from the list.

I have a similar problem but I wish to be able to display at the same time say 2 playlists and compare each against each other to find duplicated song titles so as to delete them from one list. How can I do that easily; if at all?
Didn’t the app tell you before when you were adding a duplicate song so you could avoid - it said song already added ?? This was a good feature
I think so too that at a certain period Deezer informed you when you added a double to your lists and you needed to confirm. So easy. I need this back!
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Hi there @Cisse

What app version and device do you use? You should be getting a pop up to say the track is already there in the playlist.
@Rudi : iPhone on latest version Just tested it again when adding to favorites list.
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Hi there again @Cisse could you try reinstalling the app and letting me know if you still can't see the pop up message - when adding a song?
@Rudi no still the same.
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Hi there @Cisse

Thank you for sending the video, I can now understand it better. Those are different versions of the same song, the app won't say if a different version was added before, I'm afraid.
Therefore, I suggest you to create an idea topic in our ideas forum 👍🏼
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The notice that prevents you from adding a track to a playlist because it already exists isn't very reliable because there are tons of the same track on Deezer (usually because the same track appears on lots of different albums - but could also be covers, remixes etc too).

Take a look at the below just as an example:

Obviously you'd only want one Dancing Queen in your playlist and I know many of them differ slightly so there is probably no way to detect this with the existing feature as it would be quite legitimate that some people may want different versions of the same track in a playlist but it would be useful to detect these by name or something for managing duplicates in very large playlists (2000 odd tracks).
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Thank you for your feedback @zigojacko. Like I've mentioned above, you can also create a topic for our teams to see in our ideas forum 😉
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Thanks @Rudi

I've posted the idea here. If anyone else feels this would be useful, please visit the thread and vote it up. 👍