Does listening to a downloaded song use data if not in if not in offline mode?

  • 30 November 2021
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Just got my Deezer year stats and was surprised a lot of music is not there since apparel I use offline mode almost all the time and there can't be stats about that (although I'd want a way to opt in) so the alternative is to disable offline mode, but will that mean that I'll be using mobile data to listen to playlists or albums I've already downloaded?


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Hello @abdelhalimjean,

  • When you have Deezer set to Offline mode, your listening history and related logs are stored locally on your device, they are only uploaded to Deezer servers when you disable Offline Mode.
    • Note that, if you keep offline Mode ON without ever turning it off from time to time, your stats will stay locally on your device and not be captured by Deezer servers - which should then help Deezer generate useful recommendations for you like the Daily Playlists, Discover Weekly and the now MyDeezerYear.
  • Regarding using data when playing downloaded albums/playlists; well, when your device is not set to Offline Mode, data is used to pull lyrics and sometimes refresh the album art - data however is not used to stream the tracks.

You can learn more about Offline Listening here.