Deezer: sort artists alphabetically without "the" being used

  • 24 September 2020
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Is there a way to sort artists alphabetically without “the” being used to alphabatize the name? 

Example “The Beatles” should be sorted into the B’s instead of being sorted into the T’s.  

7 replies

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Hi Brian, there is no way to change it as "The" is part of their names, but thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it on to the right team.

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I couldn’t possibly be the first one to bring this up. You wouldn't go to the T’s in a record store to look for The Beatles. As someone switching from Google play, this is pretty basic. 

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We'll add to the feedback Rafael already forwarded on @Brian Veach we know your suggestion makes sense :thumbsup_tone2:

All music services get artist & album data supplied by the publisher afaik, and Deezer (which I love) is the only service out of the half dozen I have used at different times that sorts artists or album titles on “The”, “A”, etc. 

I know Deezer is French, and has an unusually large geographic spread beyond Western Europe, and it would no doubt be more complicated than for some competitors taking a consistent approach to the treatment of other languages than English. Even so :-)


But I have another, related request: I have a mixed library of classical, jazz and rock albums. While the sort on performer name works well for the jazz and rock, it is a disaster for classical music—you could have 30 or 40 albums by Beethoven (for example) all sorted randomly under the name of a different orchestra, director or soloist. 

Spotify has half a solution, in that for classical music, the composer’s name is inserted as the first item in the artist field. The difficulty here is that they use the full name (e.g. in this case, Ludwig van Beethoven), which sorts the name under “L”  (rather than “B”, which is where any classical listener would expect to find it).

One possible suggestion: Since the Album Title is normally prefixed with “Beethoven: …...”, “Mozart: …..” or whatever, why not give users the option in Album view to integrate classical music sorted on Album Title with popular music sorted 9as at present) on Artist Name?

Perhaps I should post this as a new suggestion.


Loving the Deezer service, and the staff/user community! 

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Hey @Freezer 

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying Deezer and the community. You write so well and your feedback is very detailed, making it super useful for our devs.

No need to create a suggestion yet. I'm going to speak to one of our Product Managers here about what you've said, to see if there's a scope for this.

I'll let you know if we need to do something else. In the meantime, please keep enjoying Deezer and stay in touch here in the community, it's very much appreciated! :relaxed:

Came here to say this too.  It’s really bugging me.

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Since Rudi has left Deezer, I am now linking to @Yula and @Jaime.
Do you have any informations for us? :slight_smile: