Deezer Search is a clusterf! Feedback on Search

  • 3 September 2019
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This Is such a huge error that i dont know where to begin.

Your search function is so broken across all platforms but this is win 10:
I try to find a band.
And I get songs, playlists and everything else with just one word of the bands name in it.

I cant sort alphabetically
I just see round images when choosing artists.

Shame on you!


Make searches exact. Make them about bands or songs AND lat people sort alphabetically.

9 replies

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Hi there @Henry Sahlgren

Thank you for your input and feedback. I'll be passing this on to our search team. Could you please tell me in which device, OS and app version have you observed this?

I agree. Search an artist and you get nothing. Search an album and the missing artist appears


Why can’t you fix it?

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Hi there @mn11

Could you give us an example, firstly? Also, in what system are you experiencing issues with our search?

I use Deezer through Sonos on my iphone. Search is virtually unusable. 

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What Sonos device do you have @mn11? Have you tried streaming directly from your iPhone to it?

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I was just about to post about this and came across this post. Search in the app is a nightmare. I don’t know how search results are ordered, but 80% of the time it is the opposite of what I want. Examples:

  • I search for “Dennis Lloyd”, which I would expect the first result to be an artist page. Instead top results are some of his tracks and playlists
  • I search “Echos Silence” and expect first result to be an album by Foo Fighters. Instead first result is a song from that album that doesn’t even have any matching words in its name

Pretty much any other music streaming app returns me what I’m looking for in the first 2 rows of results.

I’m seeing this in a Windows, Mac OS, and Android apps. I’m pretty sure that it is just an issue with whatever algorithm is used for search on the server side.

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Thank you for your detailed and honest feedback @seslash 

We're aware our Search needs improvement. Your comments just give our teams a real feel around what needs to be tackled, so I'll be forwarding these to them :thumbsup_tone2:

you could add the ability to search only that genre from the song manufacturer, such as emergent shores, the search step should include many more parameters and indicate directly what you are looking for by giving a list of musical genres similar to those indicated by the song title, you can do it

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Thanks for your input here @Daniele2000 we'll pass your comments on :relaxed: