deezer hifi, upscaled mp3 or true cd quality

  • 20 August 2020
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I’ve read many reviews comparing deezer hifi and tidal hifi and nearly all say that tidal hifi is much better sound quality. If both are simply converting CD quality to flac they should sound the same. I wonder if deezer is simply upsampling their mp3 files and converting to flac to look like CD quality. I am a premium subscriber to deezer and have been for many years and enjoy their user interface but recently subscribed to tidal hifi for better sound quality. At the moment I am subscribed to both but will drop one soon for cost reasons but would prefer to stay with deezer if I could be sure that I am getting true CD quality and not some manipulated lesser quality. Further, if I subscribe to deezer hifi are all their catalogue available at CD quality or only selected items.

2 replies

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Hi @fjs, I can confirm that Deezer isn't manipulating files to sound like flac :).

All flac files were sent by the artists' distributors and I have to say that usually, they send the same files to all streaming services.  Deezer is the first one to work with HiFi tracks and we invest a lot in it, but we can't guarantee that all files can be played in flac - only the high fidelity quality ones sent by the artists. I don't know the percentage of our catalogue, but it's most of it. 

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Thank you to Rafael for his reply as it did clear up some misconceptions. I have since subscribed to deezer hifi to carry out my own listening tests. My music is streamed through a bluesound node 2i to a musical fidelity v90 dac then to an above average hifi system. My conclusion after half a day listening in order of best to worst is; my own cd’s or lp’s that I have converted to flac, tidal hifi, deezer hifi. There is not a big difference and it could be placebo but the difference I hear is in the emotional feel of the music particularly voices. I know what John Lennon’s voice sounds like and it is obvious on my own flac less obvious on tidal and less obvious again on deezer. I can understand why my own flac’s sound better but the other two should sound the same. Anyway, I will spend the next month listening to both but deezer does have more titles of the music that I am into at the moment. I would welcome other opinions.