Deezer friday releases playlist missing

  • 9 October 2021
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Deezer Friday releases playlist static.

I received it once, and its been the same since, approximately three (3) weeks ago.

Cleared cache, using LINUX, so I am forced into using a web browser.

I’m using “webapp-manager” to open a web browser, Vilvaldi.

Also checked in Chromium, static Friday releases.


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Hey @johnny_bidet 

This behavior is not normal. A bit of a delay is tolerable, but not 3 weeks.
Maybe @Jaime. or @Alfredo. could check your account.

Alternatively, support is available and can certainly help:


Maybe the playlist will also update if you open it via a direct link? It is worth a try:

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Have you been listening to music a lot? Are you adding favorite artists and songs? I am, and I’m getting only 6-7 new songs per week in the friday releases playlist. And it took about a month for the playlist to show up in the first place. On the plus side, Deezer doesn’t fill it up with irrelevant music just to hit the number every week.

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Thansk for the replies everyone.

Thanks for the FAQ support link as I quickly posted this thinking that it was “Support”.

And while I haven’t been listening to music quite as much recenlty, the first and only time that I received the Friday release was about three (3) weeks ago which was about nine (9) months after I opened my account - I paid for the account for one (1) year.

So, obviously I didn’t see a gradual increase in songs added to my Friday release, but I got seventeen (17) Friday releases.

When got the Friday release, I seriously thought about keeping the Deezer account as discovering new music is extrememly important to me; now I’m less likely to.

I notified support, and thanks again for the replies.

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I suppose it means the first time people get this playlist is when the algorithm accumulates 15-20 tracks, then adds new tracks as they show up. This week I got 5 new tracks. Do consider that it explicitly isn’t a discovery playlist. It’s described as “based on the artists, albums and tracks you favorite”, and, in my experience, features mostly the artists I already favorited. Actual discovery is happening in the monday discovery playlist, as well as the daily playlists based on your music tastes.

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What is it referring to in,” I suppose it means...”?

But, thanks as it looks like that could be the reason that it’s currently static, but it seems questionable that it took approximately nine (9) months for 15 new release from my favorite artists; but I really need to check and see how many favorite artist I have.  I was deliberately only adding select favorite artists algorithmic genre focus.  Flow, and the suggestions are genre focused now, so it appears to be time to do what I planned at about this time - to add more favorite artists.   Your comments are confirmed by this reply from Deezer support.

This playlist is made from your favourite artists new releases. If there is [sic] enough new songs our team can't update it unfortunately. The Playlist needs at least 15 new tracks or more.

Kind regards 


For a little levity::

Friday Release = release,

Monday Discovery = discovery.

I’m not sure that I explicitly fully comprehend this,

would run through that again?

I believe that this is SOLVED as,

The Playlist needs at least 15 new tracks or more.”

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What is it referring to in,” I suppose it means...”?

That we both got the first playlist with 17-20 tracks, even as I got it in a month, and you got it much later. And now the support representative confirmed it, so my guess was correct.


So, to summarize: the friday playlist is for recent releases from the artists you already favorited, the monday playlist is for music, old and recent, that you haven’t heard on Deezer.


I guess their algorithm isn’t strong enough to recommend new releases to people who haven’t already favorited these artists. But that’s understandable.

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Also it looks like they just changed the algorithm, with more songs from artists whose songs you favorited, even if you didn’t favorite the artists themselves.

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Thanks for the reply, and somewhat sorry for the joke!

There are only so many ‘general” variables that they should use in their algorithm, so I have a general idea as to what it’s based on; but receiving advice from: described, anecdotal experiences, guesses, and changes in algorithms (but, thanks for the update, if it’s not a guess) is a little “Spotty” -pun intended.


I finally favortied about 50 artists and have received more suggestions - too soon to really give evaluate. My error was probably in assuming that the algorithm would add more songs (obviously) based on type, genre, style, etc. of music; but I also thought that there may have been a problem with the service as:

1 - Linux

2 - I’m using webapp-manager

3a,b - Vivaldi browser (I believe) isolated through the webapp-manager.

4 - Didn’t receive anything in Favorited Artists until about 9 or 10 months after getting Deezer, and I added most of my songs, Favorited Artists, very soon.  So soon, that I wondered if it may be a new service. 

The Favorited Artists playlist is what I like best about any music service!

5 - After finally receiving a Favorited Artists playlist, it remained static.

6 - I thought that I may have modified the cookie settings in Vivaldi, or whatever browser I am used specifically for Deezer.

7 - Well - it’s Deezer.

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1, 2 and 3 shouldn’t matter. A browser is a browser, and Deezer probably doesn’t need cookies when it has your login and your activity goes through their servers. If cookies are used, it’s so that you don’t have to input the password every time. Plus most cookie settings in browsers limit third-party cookies, meaning not from the site you’re using.

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Re: 1, 2 and 3 shouldn’t matter. A browser is a browser.

Not necessarily, because webapp-manager doesn’t work with all browsers,

but I get and agree with your point.

Re:  If cookies are used, it’s so that you don’t have to input the password every time.

That’s the entire point of using webapp-manager and a dedicated browser solely for Deezer, 

so I don’t have to login every time.  I also mentioned this for other users as it works well, no logging in every time, but I do have to occasionally even when I don’t open Vivaldi otherwise.  I just delete everything, then allow everything that’s required, then login to only Deezer and close.  I don’t know if sandboxing would work, I will try that on a new distro installation soon.

Re: Plus most cookie settings in browsers limit third-party cookies, meaning not from the site you’re using.

Yes, that’s relatively common knowledge,  but thanks for the info as, unless your prescient, you don’t know what I know.

Again, the list were just variables that I thought might be causing issues, partly at my end, e.g. did I access Vivaldi and accidentally delete cookies, did a linux update to the webapp-manager, Vivaldi, or something else reset something - as sometimes happens, etc.

But the 9 -10 months to before the first Favorited Artist does seem odd.