Deezer Flow still playing disliked tracks

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Ive been using deezer for a while now and is by far my favorite streaming service but flow sucks. It plays the same songs everytime and if I click the dislike button it still plays it again 10-15 songs later. I've been looking into it and it says if you dislike a song one time it won't play again in 24 hours but if u dislike it 3 times it won't play ever again. I don't know if that's true or not but I've disliked songs and they still play within the 24 hour time period and when I dislike a song 3+ times it still plays it again. Flow also just plays all the music I have in my playlist and random music that has no relation to the songs/artists/genres I like. I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue and if there's a way to fix this.

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Hi there @Fredrik Melin 

Thanks for reporting it to us. Could you please send us the link for the artist profile page? We'll be reporting these to our devs.

It the same still. I am using Windows application and blocked artist, blocked songs but still plagues my flow




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Hi there @Ruben Espadas

Thank you for the screenshot. We're working on improving the feature 'Don't recommend this artist', and have delivered a better version for iOS. So please bear with us 👍🏼

Hi ruben, you're talking about your flow, right? This is not a bug and there is always a way to improve it! Also, you can block artists for good! Have a look here. ;)

Hi Rafael,

look, artist and song blocked and still recommends me the same song.

Then... is a bug.

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Hey @Ruben Espadas

Thank you for reporting it back. Our devs are working on this, please bear with us a bit longer 👍🏼
Hi Rafael,

yes, it's a bug because the artist is blocked and still yet Deezer recommends me songs.

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after all the time of this topic and "devs work" I still with this undesirable bug, listen a great playlist or album and then ¡BOOM! reggaeton music and in the most are "disliked" songs.

This is very frustaiting if we're paying a subscription.


Hi ruben, you're talking about your flow, right? This is not a bug and there is always a way to improve it! Also, you can block artists for good! Have a look here. 😉

after all the time of this topic and "devs work" I still with this undesirable bug, listen a great playlist or album and then ¡BOOM! reggaeton music and in the most are "disliked" songs.

This is very frustaiting if we're paying a subscription.

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Hi there @scott1979

Thank you for your honest feedback. It's a shame we can't have you here. But this shows that we need to improve, as we've been working on Flow for quite some time. I know our team is working on make the 'block' feature more effective, so hopefully we can develop this soon 👍🏼
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Sad to see this thread is still on going and the issue is still frustrating people.

I transferred all my likes / playlists over to Spotify, and an entire 1 year later and it's still a great experience, I've discovered loads of new music through song radio which actually picks similar songs / genres I might like, or through release radar, and not once has Spotify played or suggested artists / songs that I don't like, and if i click never play artist or song, on Spotify it stays gone!

Which is a shame for Deezer as I prefer the app layout / navigation compared to Spotify, and also I miss the high def audio, but that alone is not enough to make me come back.
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Thanks for the feedback @Glenn Buutfeld.

We've spoken to our devs about this today, they're looking into it.
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@Hoogic I moved your feedback to this topic. You've reached the limit of 2000 disliked tracks, meaning that everything you dislike for now, is not remembered by Flow, but we're already working on it. Will hopefully be changed really soon!
Over a year later and nothing has changed
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Hi there @Nito.Mora

I get what you mean, our developers are working on this. In the meantime, have you checked this topic?
hola llegue hasta esta comunidad porque tengo el mismo problema con flow. Cuando instale la app me pregunto que géneros y artistas me gustan para poder recomendarme musica. Al principio era genial el modo flow a veces hasta encontrando nuevas bandas y canciones que no había escuchado , pero, siempre dentro de los géneros y tipo de bandas y artistas que me gustan. esto fue mejorando mientras mas agregaba a mis favoritos.
Después de un tiempo el modo flow me empezó a repetir siempre las mismas canciones , aunque eran canciones que yo había puesto en favoritos no significa que quiero escucharlas siempre.
esto empeoro cuando usando el modo flow me empezó a recomendar artistas y canciones que no son de los artistas y géneros que me gustan . no se si tiene alguna solucion. PD: hablo y escribo en español uso en traducctor de google espero que se entienda. Gracias

Hello, come to this community because I have the same problem with flow. When I install the app I wonder what genres and artists I like so I can recommend music. At the beginning it was great the flow mode sometimes until finding new bands and songs that I had not heard, but, always within the genres and type of bands and artists that I like. This was improving the more I added to my favorites.

After a while the flow mode started repeating me the same songs, although they were songs that I had put in favorites does not mean I always want to listen to them.

This got worse when using the flow mode I started to recommend artists and songs that are not from the artists and genres that I like. I do not know if he has any solution. PS: I speak and I write in Spanish, I use it in Google Translate, I hope it is understood. Thank you
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@Janezz Krasevac

It was just a suggestion as a workaround for you, mate. I've passed your feedback to our devs for improvement.
In the meantime, feel free to go here.
C'mon man, am I really supose to go and manualy search for every artist I dont like on PC too?! I only listen to deezer only on my phone. And I wont do that, you remove them, since you put them in my flow (my liked artists have apsolutely NOTHING to do with that crap you're pusing on me/us) I've already tried to reset my cache on phone and other workarounds, and I wont do any more, fix my flow

peace out

p.s. this disliked artist was made after giving flow another chance for a hour, a HOUR man
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Hi there @Janezz Krasevac

Thanks for the feedback and sorry it's taking long. Do you have access to our desktop app? You can now block these artists on a PC.
You put John Legend on that list?! 😥
Ok, since it has been a year since I've reported the problem with flow playing artists that i dont like, and I cant remove them by no means, it's time for your favorite artist shaming (since there is no way to do that privatly)

The Calling
God is an astronaut
Spin Doctors
Stealers Wheel
Ellie Groulding
Kenny Loggins
Pet shop boys
Massive Attack
Hans Zimmer
St Woods
In vivo
Andreana cekic (i have no idea why I'm getting those horrible sounds on my phone, thats not music)
Alain Berriere
Cyndi Laupher
Lykke li
Jamie xx
Gerry Cinnamon
Young the giant
Kishi Bashi
Carly Simon
Deniece Williams
Soft Cell
Oliver Dragojevic
Spice Girls
Maya berovic
Saint motel
Rick astley
In this moment
Natalie Imbruglia
John Legend
Eros Ramazzotti
Miami sound machine

and ANY, I repeat ANY "musical" recomendation from the balkans (Croatia, Bosnia & Serbia)

see you again in a year since it still wont be fixed

p.s. sorry to the ppl who actualy listen to that music

peace put
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Hi there @Loic.Deleaz

Perhaps you could clear your cache and use a new feature for Android users: blocking an artist. You can just select the artist you don't want to listen to anymore by tapping on the 3 dots in their profile, then selecting to block artist. This should help your Flow get more accurate likes. Let me know if you still need any help 😉
I checked your Flow and "French music" is one of your tags, because you've liked french artists and have french tracks in your favourites.

Hi Anja,
I'm experiencing exactly the same issue and I find the answer pretty disappointing. If I follow you, you bundle 90's french rap indiscriminately with that of late 2010's... So if I like Pink Floyd, you'll also suggest Chuck Berry just because it's "Rock"...? 🙄
There is a difference between Gangsta rap and conscious rap. I'm sure (or hope) you do consider the difference when it comes to US rap.
It's really become unbearable for me to use Flow. Every third suggestion is 2010's french rap when I keep clicking on the dislike button.
Can't you use some more refined algorythm such as association with artists I actually liked.
At this point, I'm considering cancelling my subscription as this is defeating the point. I'm barely getting music I like from Flow - which is what it is supposed to play.

Do you have any suggestions to get a better experience until you've improved your algorythm?
Never mind, the bloody thing played again. I'm out. Currently transferring my playlists to Spotify.
I'm not seeing any option to clear the smart cache here.

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I am having this issue too. The worst example is a god-awful "song" called "Without You" by Halsey that keeps playing in my flow. I hit "dislike" every time - must have done this ten times by now.

But it's only becoming *more* frequent. Twice yesterday and already once again today. If this utterly awful "song" plays one more time, you will have lost a long-time user.

Also, empty the smart cache of the app. Go to Deezer > settings > app > empty smart cache. This might help to get rid of the song 😉