Deezer app crashing constantly

  • 25 September 2018
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This might count as a stress test (but I hope not!)

I am downloading a couple of playlists onto my phone, while listening to deezer.

Firstly everytime I try to open my favorites (the Playlist that happens to be being downloaded) it crashes, rebooting itself after a few seconds. This happens every time I try to open it. Basically I cannot listen to my favourites anymore. I rebooted my phone and have no other processes running. Does not solve the problem. I should be able to listen to the list even while downloading is happening.

Secondly, I gave up with my favourites and am playing an album - streaming via chrome cast audio. As above in the background I am downloading a Playlist onto my device. It is playing but the app keeps crashing. Even while crashed and during reboot the music keeps playing (from cache I presume). However, once rebooted I return to the homescreen and have to navigate back to the album again. Very frustrating. The crash seems to occur as I change switch between from single song view to album track list view.

13 replies

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As an update - several days later I still cannot open the favorites folder on my device - both while streaming (with and without chromecast) but also offline as I downloaded the Playlist. As it is not opening offline this must be a bug in the app on opening the container. If while offline I click shuffle my music, it will play tracks that are in my favorites Playlist. So the problem isn't the music files, it's the container.

This is on my mobile phone, on the tablet version of seems OK regarding the favorites folder, but it crashes on both devices while streaming to chromecast.
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Another update

Apps on both phone and tablet are unstable as hell. Crashing all the time, triggers include:
* Unpausing / pressing play
* Skipping to next track ( usually after second or third successive skip)
* While streaming as mentioned above.

Basically unless you just want to press play and not touch the app, it is buggy and unstable with the most common input. This is regardless of being on or offline. It happens when streaming to Chromecast but also when listening to the device directly (usually with headphones).

I really hope this is only an issue with the beta version as I will be switching back to the regular version in the hope it will work properly and provide me with the service I am paying for.

When is Deezer get it’s shit together. Dear lord, It crashes on windows, it crashes on Andriod, it stops playing on Linux… worse platform out there. 

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Hi there @evel79 

Sorry to hear all above. Thank you for your input and patience.

You're indeed using the Beta app, which is supposed to be unstable. The devs are working on it and make it stable so that your experience on the original release is better, much better.

If you're using the Beta app, you need to post these topics in the Beta forums here. This way the devs can see your comments and act upon.

Hey @Darlig we see quite a few problems being reported here in the community, it's part of the job and it's essential to improve. But we share the frustration with you as well, and all we ask is a bit of patience. Our focus this year is to become a more solid and reliable service so that you can enjoy our best features without issues :thumbsup_tone2: all your feedback is much appreciated @Darlig @evel79 

Yep, my Deezer app on Windows crashes constantly, as does my Deezer app on my Pioneer home theater receiver, as does my Deezer app on my tablet.  I’m relieved if I can go 10 minutes without a f*cking error message interrupting playback.  

WTF???  So glad I’m just starting a 3 month trial, if I were actually paying for this service I’d be truly pissed!  

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Hi @Zorba922 we are sorry to hear the Deezer App is constantly crashes on your devices :/ Please bear in mind that you can connect your Deezer Hifi account to up to 3 devices but only listen to music on one device at the same time. Please make sure you are using strong Wifi when listening to music.

Let’s start with the technical troubleshooting on your tablet? Could you please let me know which tablet and operating system you are using? Thank you :slight_smile:


I am experiencing the same problem.
Windows 10 version is 1909 (build 18363.778).
Deezer version is 4.19.20.

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Hi there @Franav 

Thanks for reaching out, we're still investigating this issue. For more updates, please see here (I've noticed you're a HiFi user).

Could you please tell me if this is happening on the web version of Deezer too?

Hello @Rudi!


It does not seem to crash with the web version on Google Chrome.

Thank you! 🙂

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Thanks for coming back to us!

That's exactly what happens to me too @Franav - web works ok. This means that we're talking about the issue mentioned in the topic of my reply above. Keep an eye there for updates, please, we're still working on it :v_tone2:

Deezer keeps crashing almost every day when I let it play longer time. Got error something “Crab, ..blaablaa crashed...”  or something. Dunno is it something about memory leak or some other problem.

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In what device, @OlvinJanoisin ?

Try a fresh install: uninstall the app, restart your device, redownloading and reinstall the app. Let us know more about it too!

Browser player, Manjaro KDE + Firefox. I have now fresh install (changed to gnome). I let deezer run through night to see if this happens with new system and send some logs if i find some awkward stuff from there.