Dead links on Deezer: please redirect

  • 23 March 2021
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I am using Deezer since about ten years or so. It came across my T-mobile abo and I saw it as a good way to reward artists, even if their share is minimal. Since then I composed an extensive list of favourites, and I cannot understand why in heavens sake, ALMOST ALL my links turn into dead links after some time. It is not that the albums have disappeared, they just seem relocated. I cannot see a system in the occurence of this since years lasting phenomenen and I can also cannot see a reason for it either. I can understand that due to technical or copyright reasons things do change over time, but why in heavens sake is Deezer not providing for a better link management (simple redirects?)? Do they really like people running to Deezers competitors? I think I am not the only one with this issue?

4 replies

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Hey @thijsbollen 

Sorry to hear about that.

I'd like to help you out, but for that, I need a bit more info from you. What device do you have and what's your app version? Is this happening only on albums? Are they your favourite albums or albums you've seen around the platform?

Once you've provided more details, I'll have a chat with our devs about it :relaxed:

Thanks Rudy. It happens with my favourites and I only use albums to play and store as favourite. As I said, the problem is lasting since a long time and on several devices (laptops, android phones). I have always been very prudent about updates, so app-versions won’t be the cause either. Just two links as example: 


first a dead link:



then the new link:


@Rudi I’m still waiting...

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Hey @thijsbollen 

Apologies, it seems that your reply fell off our radar but now that you tagged me again, I picked it up.

Ok, I must say that we don't change the link, but instead, music distributors remove and redeliver content to our platform. That could be the case, knowing that you're a long-standing user of Deezer…but you're right, we need to be thinking about the redirect to the new location.

I've passed the feedback on, and I have also reported the album above as an example. Thank you very much for your support!