Bitrate on Jaguar is only 128 kbps - should obey "streaming to devices" or be higher or otherwise configurable

  • 12 February 2020
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Hi!   I have Deezer in my car through JLR "Online Media" and I do love the convenience of having it just turn on with the car. A big reason for choosing Deezer in the first place.


I've long noticed though that the quality isn't as high as the phone app through Android Auto. It's audible but I wasn't sure bitrate is the cause.   I was able to confirm this recently using the car's bandwidth meter which can be reset - it consistently shows about 1 MB per song minute which is 128 kbps.


I think 128 is pretty bad on this day and age and like I said, definitely noticeable. I think it should either be higher or we should have a way to configure - 128 is just not a good only-option. 


I don't think people on small data plans will be doing a lot of streaming and counting on the low bitrate to keep bandwidth in check - but if that's a concern, all the more reason to make it configurable.


Thanks! Love the app,




5 replies

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Hi @Ovy 

Thanks a lot for the feedback - this is the first time I've heard of the experience on a Jag.

You mentioned that you use JLR 'Online Media’. If that's the Jag's internal app, this would be something developed by them. It isn't officially supported by us.

But we can help their developers introduce a better quality stream - if they're open to developing their app to accommodate this. Please check it out with their customer support and let me know, I can also pass more info to the teams on our side :thumbsup_tone2:

Thanks @Rudi !  I had no idea who might be responsible for developing that app, my guess was Deezer since it’s quite polished.


I’ve contacted the folks at Jaguar and referred them to this very thread :)


The app works well enough, although I miss Flow and the Discover links seem rather stale.  It’s pretty, and integrated with the car’s secondary screens, album covers and all. Although audio quality is an issue (not as bad as old Bluetooth used to be, but still), and it really should resume rather than restarting a song after the car is off, as I was saying you can’t beat curated playlists starting first thing after you get in the car. 


Best, and thanks for the offer of support,


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Thanks for coming back to us @Ovy keep me posted!

Any new updates on this?

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Just replied to you on another topic @brendanmcdowell there's some groundwork we need to complete before considering this :wink: