Better password change hints or increase of password characters

  • 5 February 2020
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Currently if i want to change deezer password there’s no feedback if i entered something that is too long, which makes it hard to use password managers with it. After a lot of trial and error i think the limit is 16, which is a lot less than some other sites.

Please add some text hints if the password is too long, or at least increase the limit.

6 replies

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Hi there @Oo. 

First time I've noticed one of our users to suggest this - thank you very much!

Because security is one of these main topics we always discuss and work on, I've moved your suggestions to our feedback forum. I'll be passing your comments to the relevant teams here at Deezer, so that they can bear that in mind when working on the subject :wink:

Today I managed to change my Deezer account password to a 40 characters one, but I failed to create one with 41 characters. So, I guess 40 characters is the password size limit.

To be confirmed by Deezer staff!

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Hello @nmff, the limit is supposed to be 50 :slight_smile:

I also tried to create a 50 characters long password and the system didn’t allow me. Maybe because I was using invalid characters, but since there is no feedback at all given to users, it’s impossible to know.

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Hello @nmff, I can appreciate that, this is something we need to work on to make it easier on your side.