Banner blocks text input / causes misclicks in Deezer app

  • 2 September 2020
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The fairly new feature / playlist banner is a UX nightmare.


It pops up over the search text input, so I can't see what I'm typing.

It also appears semi randomly, so the number of times I've clicked it accidentally is crazy. Any metrics you have on clickthroughs are going to be massively inaccurate simply because of the way it's placed.

I have my way of using Deezer, have done for years, and this kind of feature bloat makes the app unpleasant to use.

I doubt you're going to remove it, but please consider allowing the option to suppress it.

This is on Android 10 / Pixel 2 / Deezer / Premium Family

6 replies

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I'll also add that having no close button on it means I have to wait until it goes away to use the app normally.. and that's a looooong time if I've simply jumped on the app to search and play a song quickly.


Designed to frustrate.

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Hi @abovethewater, thanks for the feedback! Could you please send me a screenshot? It will help me to investigate.

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This is on the search screen.. you can't tell, but the cursor is on the text box that is under that blooming banner.


You can see how it might be annoying / likely to be mis-clicked.. also, not possible to be dismissed.

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Hi there @abovethewater 

Thanks for getting back to us. Those are in-app notifications. Please check your account settings within our app and then notifications settings. You can now choose from a variety of settings that suits your needs :wink:

PS: have you tried flicking them up? Just checking if it works on yours :sweat_smile:

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Thanks. If I try to "flick them up" it takes me to whatever was recommended.

I've now disabled the notifications in the app menu. I had disabled notifications in the system menu, so did not expect this in app functionality.

There is no indication whatsoever that the notification text is actually clickable, and it is not delineated from the bits that are, so just looks like a heading. Might be worth making it a bit more obvious.


Anyway, thanks. Hope that works.

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Thanks for coming back with the feedback @abovethewater really appreciated!

Yes, I'll let the teams know that it isn't apparent (clickable) :thumbsup_tone2: