artist-mix with selected artists

  • 8 December 2019
  • 8 replies

I would like to have a mix, where i can choose a few artists. Then deezer plays songs from this artists. 

8 replies

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you mean like pandora stations where you can “add variety”?

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Hi there @Bangstar95 

Thank you for your suggestion. Have you checked the mixes curated for you on the homepage?

I've passed your idea to our product managers for discussion :wink:

Yeah, I like These mixes a lot. But sometimes I would like to hear music from three different artist with different genres so I would like to have a Mix only with Songs from these a artist. @Rudi :)

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Hi again @Bangstar95 

Thanks. What about voting for this idea here then? :wink:

I agree 💯 , it'll be great to select some artists and let Deezer mix a playlist from those artists.


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Hey @Mohamed Ghaly 

Thanks for supporting the idea, feedback noted :wink:

Please make this happen?

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Thanks for asking, Jessica @Jessica R :slight_smile: I'll pass your request on, that's the spirit!